Celebrating Chance The Rapper (Artist Spotlight) By TonyBeenChi

Chance is much more than just a simple artist. Chance is a pioneer! He has opened doors for independent artist, by being the first unsigned music artist ever to play ‘Saturday Night Live’ twice at that! And now he has also become the first unsigned artist to ever win a Grammy, he actually  walked away with 3.  Do you know how important this is?

It means that the artist is taking more and more power away from major record labels. Which in turn means that the artist has much more creative control over the kind of music that they want to produce. And this means that artists have the ability to create pure relate-able music, and not be forced to cater to the latest lame industry trend. This is a major move for music lovers! And Chance is continuing this movement by turning down a recently reported $5-$10 million do llar advance a from major record label. % | % | % | % | % | % | % | %

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