*NSFW* Breaking Down The Booty (By TonyBeenChi)

So what’s so appealing to me about booty? I’m glad you asked because I’m about to break it down for you!

It’s not about how wide and rounded booty is to make it a nice one. It’s mainly about the shape. A woman can have I small, petite “Rump-a-roo” that has just the right amount of definition to it to make it to the “fledge list” just like a woman with a big ol fat booty can easily make the “never” list.

“Fledge” is a code word that was created at my old work place, that can mean a couple different things. But in this article it means “would smash” or “ would participate in sexual activity, with a said individual?” for my studious readers. And “Never” just simply means that you would never consider participating in sexual activity with a said individual”.

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