What If Jay Z Never Returned To Rap After Retirement? (By TonyBeenChi)

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Shawn Carter better known as ‘Jay z’ is a musical legend. I of course would have told you this in 1998. But i was 3-4 years ahead of mainstream hip hop critics who considered him a hip hop legend after the release of “The Blueprint” in 2001. And i can’t pinpoint the exact time when in general mainstream music began considering him a musical legend, but it was definitely after 2001, i know that much.

Maybe after “The Black Album” was released in 2003.But again i would’ve told you this in 1998. Speaking of “The Black Album” that was originally supposed to be Jay z’s final album. (Thank the good lord that it wasn’t). But it was supposed to be. Continue reading “What If Jay Z Never Returned To Rap After Retirement? (By TonyBeenChi)”

Fatal 5 (Top 5 reasons for shootings in Chicago) By TonyBeenChi

History of Homicides In Chicago

Chicago has a deep history of gun violence and homicides dating back many decades, with it’s highest levels of murder being recorded throughout the 1990s. 1992 is recorded as being the year with the most murders reaching a total of 932 homicides. With firearms being the main weapon of choice. Gang territory, drug turf, and other factors are credited as key reasons as to why this major blood shed occurred, during the 90s.

But now in the 2010s it’s a whole other ball game. With the fall of organized gangbanging within the city limits, Witch stemmed from a stagerring decline of leadership within organizations. The same “code of the streets” doesn’t apply anymore. Unity among gangs representing the same nation or even individual gang     and doesn’t exist anymore.

Back in the 60s through the early 2000s gangs who represented the same nation had a mutual respect for each other. Most gangs in Chicago represented ‘Peoples Nation’ or ‘Folks Nation’. Similar to how many businesses have parent companies, most Chicago gangs parent organization were either ‘People Nation’ or ‘Folk Nation’. In today’s time this same mutual respect doesn’t exist. Gangs have been broken off into factions and people who used to be off limits at a point of time like women and children, are no longer seen in that way. ANYONE can become a target now.

#1 Gangbanging

#1 on our list is plain and simple if you gangbang, then your chances of getting shot will ALWAYS be high. It doesn’t matter if you do it online or on the street.

#2 Affiliation with gangbangers

If you’re Black or Hispanic and grew up in Chicago, it’s a strong chance that a close relative or friend represented some kind of gang at one time or another. It’s just the way it is in Chicago. But if you spend a lot of time out and about with a known gang member, then you’re putting yourself in harm’s way. If that person’s enemy “opp” spots you with that known gang member they’re are going to assume that you are on the same thing as the person.

Meaning believing that you too are apart of their rival gang. Which would significantly increase your chances of being shot. You know what they say about being guilty by association don’t you?

#3 Beefing

Anyone with commonsense can take tell you, that way more times then not when a shooting occurs that‘s not gang related. That it’s most likely the result of some kind of conflict that has reached its boiling point. Pride and principles of a situation are also huge factors in many shootings that happen within city limits, as well as across the nation. Sometimes it’s spur of the moment situations when anger gets the best of a person and they feel the best way to handle it is by shooting the individual(s).

A lot of us who were raised in poverty were also raised by people who were too raised in poverty. While growing up in this type of environment we lacked proper problem solving skills and anger management qualities that’s necessary to have in order to settle situations without violence. And since it’s so easy to buy a gun off the streets these are major reasons why so many shootings happen in Chicago.

#4 Mistaken Identity

They say everyone in the world has a lookalike, unfortunately in Chicago your “twin” could be the reason for your funeral. Have you ever saw someone who looked familiar from a distance? So familiar that you shouted their name only to discover that it was not actually that person? What a embarrassing feeling!

Now let’s switch the scenario and make it to someone thinking that they have spotted a rival “Opp” that they couldn’t wait to get at and they began shooting on sight.  This is called mistaken identity when just looking like someone can get you shot.

#5 Exploring Unfamiliar Hoods

It’s crazy how it seems like the baddest females live in the worst hoods. So before you plan that next move on going to link up with that new young lady you met on IG make sure she live in a decent area. It’s not about being scary it’s about being cautious. It‘s a certain way you have to move in Chicago to decrease the chances of bad things happening to you.

And navigating through communities that’s known for BS isn’t smart. No area in Chicago is immune to violence, it’s just more likely to happen in particular areas especially if you don’t have any ties to it.

How to CHEAT (The right way) (By G. Othello)

Infidelity is defined as; the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. The opinion on infidelity varies from person to person. Whether it being from a religious stand point or your own moral belief.

Admittedly I have dipped my toes in the lake of infidelity and while now I don’t personally agree with the act of cheating, needless to say… if you are going to do it; at least do it right. The consequences of being caught are not favorable, unless you’re someone that doesn’t give a damn. If you’re one that doesn’t give a damn, this article may be of no benefit for you. For those who do care, I would like to share some tips on how to do it right.