How to Bounce Back After Being Shot Down by Your Ex (By G.Othello)

This is not where I want to be.” Then she tells you how great you are and how you can be anything you want in life. At this point you’re crushed and none of that positive talk from her even matter. So now you’re just like “What do I do now?” Well here are a few things that may or may not work. But they are all worth a try.

Walk it out, Cry it out.

  • Yes, I am serious. I mean if you really love her and genuinely wanted her back you’ve likely cried already. Crying makes you feel better. Walking makes you feel better. Walk, cry, and clear your mind. It works. The reason I know this will work doesn’t matter.

Continue to work on yourself.

  • Please don’t let yourself go now. You put in all this work to be a better man. Don’t give it all up just because you let the one woman you wanted slip away. Continue to better yourself. Find a hobby, learn something new, travel, meet new people, catch up with friends.

Start back dating.

  • So it may take some time for you to hop back in the dating scene. It is a daunting task especially if you have been out of the dating scene for some time. Start off slow with some apps like: MIUMEET, POF, Skout… How I know about those apps doesn’t matter. Just check them out.

Delete her number and unfollow all social media accounts

  • This should be number one. But even if you deleted her number, numbers are so easy to retrieve. So deleting it doesn’t really mean anything at all. You probably remember the number anyway. Save yourself the saltiness by unfollowing her social media pages, because if you don’t you will see her posting pictures with her new boo and I am sure you don’t want to see that. Most importantly you don’t want to be sliding in her DMs and sending texts. That will happen especially off the liquid courage. Save yourself from feeling like a fool the next morning.

Don’t bother her. Leave her alone.

  • This ties into the previous point. But do not be that guy that stalks and constantly hits her up. Before you know it you know it you will have a visit from the police and you don’t want those problems. Respect her wishes and just accept that is is time for you to move on.


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