How to CHEAT (The right way) (By G. Othello)

Set clear boundaries with your sidepiece. Let them know what it is from the start, “this is us kicking it and nothing more.” O.k., we all know that there is a high chance that feelings will be caught in some fashion. So guess what? Your sidepiece should not know who your main thing is. Your sidepiece should not know who your family is. Your sidepiece should not know who all of your friends are. Your sidepiece may however know who your bestie is, because more than likely you and your bestie are doing dirt together and you tell your bestie everything. We need to eliminate the chance of your sidepiece catching feelings or being on some bullshit and wanting to wreck your home life. So by cutting off those avenues of communications you decrease your chances of getting caught. Oh yeah, keep your social media separate also. You shouldn’t be friends with your sidepiece on any social media platform.

8 thoughts on “How to CHEAT (The right way) (By G. Othello)”

  1. I can see why people find the need to cheat. As my belief, if you aren’t happy with the person you are with – why waste your time cheating on them, just move on. It sucks that people who don’t find the need to cheat get cheated on.

  2. I don’t agree with cheating because if you’ve gotten to the point you’re ok with it you definitely are not happy in your relationship and it’s time to move on… There’s no sense staying in a relationship you resent….

  3. Hmmm…not sure how I feel about this post. I’m all for monogamy and all for being happy. If you’re not happy in your relationship, get out and find someone who makes you happy.

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