How to CHEAT (The right way) (By G. Othello)

Have you ever heard of the saying “don’t talk to strangers”? That saying is probably one that has been beaten into us as children. What does that have to do with cheating adults? Say you’re chilling and you get a text message saying, “hey sexy!” Do you reply “who is this?” Do you just ignore the message because it is from a strange number that you are unfamiliar with? Or are you the type of thirsty that will reply “hey sexc” and get into a full conversation with this unknown individual? Ok, it may be possible you forgot who you talked to one night and you didn’t save their number. Let’s say that did happen. First you shouldn’t start with saying “hey sexc”. You should first ask who it is and if the name doesn’t remotely ring a bell don’t even bother to reply. Just work under the assumption it is a setup. Why would someone go to those childish and extreme lengths to catch you up? Maybe because they know you’re the type of fool that would fall for it and likely you got caught up in the past. So in a nut shell I am saying; do not reply to those random text messages from strangers.

8 thoughts on “How to CHEAT (The right way) (By G. Othello)”

  1. I can see why people find the need to cheat. As my belief, if you aren’t happy with the person you are with – why waste your time cheating on them, just move on. It sucks that people who don’t find the need to cheat get cheated on.

  2. I don’t agree with cheating because if you’ve gotten to the point you’re ok with it you definitely are not happy in your relationship and it’s time to move on… There’s no sense staying in a relationship you resent….

  3. Hmmm…not sure how I feel about this post. I’m all for monogamy and all for being happy. If you’re not happy in your relationship, get out and find someone who makes you happy.

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