Laughing Out Loud (Not Really) By G.Othello

I want to know how many of us are really laughing aloud when “LOL” is typed? I can honestly say that when I “LOL” I am usually not laughing. I probably gave a little chuckle or a smile. If I typed “LMAO” I am laughing out loud. But if I put “LMFAO” I am cracking up. I often get replies to my texts with someone saying “LOL” and usually it’s to a text that wasn’t intended to be humorous. So I guess some people just put “LOL” to acknowledge that you sent them a message and didn’t want you to feel as if you were ignored. I honestly don’t take “LOL” replies serious even when I am saying something that is funny. I don’t  believe that you are really laughing until you say “LMAO” or “LMFAO”.

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