You see two young men squared up to fight. Ibn Ali Miller of New Jersey gets out of his car to defuse this situation. He speaks to the two saying that their friends aren’t real friends because they are standing around laughing at them while they are upset. He also mentioned that they should not fight and bring shame to their parents. He passionately continues to get these two young men to shake hands and walk away. Eventually they do shake hands and walk away. That is when the recording ended. What stood to me the most is how Mr. Miller pointed out the fact that their friends are laughing while they are upset. That has to be one of the realist things I’ve heard. In my opinion friends would not let this fight go down, especially if they understood the potential outcomes of this fight.

IzzyVision would like to salute Ibn Ali Miller for stepping in and defusing a potentially deadly fight. Let’s keep in mind that this was a courage act, because some people who attempt to defuse a dispute often get attacked in the process. Thank you Ibn Ali Miller for your courageous act and being an advocate of peace!
Written by, Othello

Of IzzyVision Entertainment

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