Notice To One Word Texters (By G. Othello)

Sometimes I give people the benefit of doubt and assume that I am the problem. Maybe I am not doing a good enough job engaging them in conversation. So I would give it one more shot and tell them how my day was and a quick rundown about my day. I do all of this just to get a reply as such as “that’s cool”.
Yeah you guessed it. I terminated that conversation and moved on with my day. Needless to say I felt as if they weren’t interested in texting so why bother.

Then I wonder… why even reply to a text if you don’t feel like texting? Just ignore the message. You’re better off doing that then giving some dry replies.
You may be wondering “What if they don’t like to text?” That may be true and I’ve been in situations where the person doesn’t like to text and prefer to talk over the phone.

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