Public Trans Chronicles #3 (By G. Othello)

Public Transportation Chronicles
With Othello


There is a real problem in Chicago with homelessness. Take a walk through some of Chicago’s streets you will see someone taking shelter under a bridge, near a storefront, abandoned building, at bus shelters and on CTA trains.

Our CTA trains are a common shelter for some of Chicago’s homeless. I find one of the most common train lines that the homeless find shelter is the Redline. If you are familiar with that train you may agree that it isn’t a pleasant sight. If you’ve taken a Redline train; I am sure that you have witnessed lack of seating, the unpleasant smells, unsanitary conditions and some of the unpleasant sights from some of the homeless who take shelter on the trains. Some of the homeless who are on the trains show signs of mental illness. I have witnessed some of the homeless talking to themselves or shouting at other riders. I’ve seen riders get frightened to the point where they would get off of the train to get on another car or wait for another train. I feel that this is unfair to the paying riders, it is unfair to the CTA employees who have to clean and remove the homeless from the trains and it isn’t fair to the homeless.

Public Trans Chronicles #2 (By G. Othello)

Public Transportation Chronicles
With Othello

Crowded CTA trains during rush hour will forever be an issue. I do not foresee that changing anytime soon. I am not always smashed up with another rider, because I avoid that as much as possible. I often manage to score a seat and ride comfortably. Except for one day last week…Here is what happened.

I was sitting at the double seats facing the train doors. As usual at each stop the train picks up more riders. Now the train is crowded, but I have a seat! So I’m good. The comfortable ride came to an end when this male rider stood in front of me with his crotch in my face. Continue reading “Public Trans Chronicles #2 (By G. Othello)”

(Artist spotlight) A Gem from Lauryn Hill (By G. Othello)

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A Gem from Lauryn Hill
An Appreciation Piece by Othello

I was 10 years old in 1998 when Lauryn Hill released “Doo Wop (That Thing)”. That song was from her debut album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. At the age of 10, I quite didn’t pay attention to the message of the song. I was more concerned with going outside to play and watching cartoons, but I knew I liked the song because of her beautiful voice and the beat. As I began to listen to the album and that song for years to come, I began to understand more the message that she was trying to portray. Continue reading “(Artist spotlight) A Gem from Lauryn Hill (By G. Othello)”