The Vision (#free6lack) (By G. Othello)

The Formula or Your Values

-Is there a formula to success?-

-What are you willing to sacrifice?-

A Creative Piece by Othello


Well… I may be a little late speaking on this but, “Free 6lack” is a dope album put together by the Atlanta native artist 6lack (pronounced black). I admit I am late listening to this project, but I only discovered his work this morning as I was listening to the Mellow Bars playlist on Spotify. I feel compelled to do an album review, but I want to talk about this instead: Is there a formula to success? Is there a specific recipe that one must follow to achieve success in the music industry or to be successful in general?

How to CHEAT (The right way) (By G. Othello)

Infidelity is defined as; the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. The opinion on infidelity varies from person to person. Whether it being from a religious stand point or your own moral belief.

Admittedly I have dipped my toes in the lake of infidelity and while now I don’t personally agree with the act of cheating, needless to say… if you are going to do it; at least do it right. The consequences of being caught are not favorable, unless you’re someone that doesn’t give a damn. If you’re one that doesn’t give a damn, this article may be of no benefit for you. For those who do care, I would like to share some tips on how to do it right.

Public Trans Chronicles (By G. Othello)

Public Transportation Chronicles

With Othello


By the time I get off work it is considered rush hour on for the CTA (Chicago Transportation Authority). I see school kids, college students, citizens going about their daily lives and workers. I take the train to and from work. So since I get off of work during the evening hours, by time I get on the the platform to wait for the Kimball bound train at the Belmont Brown Line, the train is crowded! So I wait, I wait and wait for the least crowded train. Here is why:


I refuse to squeeze myself on a crowded train. I want to get home and relax just like the next person, but I will wait. I have no problem waiting. I rather wait then to be real life belly to belly with another rider. You are probably wondering why I said “belly to belly with another rider” here is what happened. Continue reading “Public Trans Chronicles (By G. Othello)”