How to CHEAT (The right way) (By G. Othello)

Infidelity is defined as; the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. The opinion on infidelity varies from person to person. Whether it being from a religious stand point or your own moral belief.

Admittedly I have dipped my toes in the lake of infidelity and while now I don’t personally agree with the act of cheating, needless to say… if you are going to do it; at least do it right. The consequences of being caught are not favorable, unless you’re someone that doesn’t give a damn. If you’re one that doesn’t give a damn, this article may be of no benefit for you. For those who do care, I would like to share some tips on how to do it right.

Public Trans Chronicles (By G. Othello)

Public Transportation Chronicles

With Othello


By the time I get off work it is considered rush hour on for the CTA (Chicago Transportation Authority). I see school kids, college students, citizens going about their daily lives and workers. I take the train to and from work. So since I get off of work during the evening hours, by time I get on the the platform to wait for the Kimball bound train at the Belmont Brown Line, the train is crowded! So I wait, I wait and wait for the least crowded train. Here is why:


I refuse to squeeze myself on a crowded train. I want to get home and relax just like the next person, but I will wait. I have no problem waiting. I rather wait then to be real life belly to belly with another rider. You are probably wondering why I said “belly to belly with another rider” here is what happened. Continue reading “Public Trans Chronicles (By G. Othello)”