Chicago Drill Rapper “Shoota Shellz” Killed On Chicago’s South Side ( Written By TonyBeenChi)

On Monday Morning of July 10, 2017. Another rising star in Chicago’s Drill music scene was Gunned Down, on the city’s South Side.

“Shoota Shellz” was a 21 year old rapper from the East side section of Chicago’s South Side.

He has various music videos posted on YouTube, with his most well known song entitled “Death Of 150” which is a very controversial record, where he disses a number of guys with deep gang ties. Including popular rapper “G Herbo” who is also from Chicago’s South Side.

Heavy speculation over the cause of Shoota Shellz’s murder has been making its way around the Internet. Along with gruesome pictures from his murder scene.

What Is A Proper Smash Budget? By: G.Othello

What Is A Proper Smash Budget?

By: G.Othello

$20, $45, $100, $150… no this isn’t an auction. Those are a few dollar amounts that may be spent on a first date. Ok, $20 may be on the low end, but who is to say what’s too low and that $20 can’t get you a good time in 2017? I say first date, because the amount spent really does not matter on date number 2 or date number 50. It is usually the first date which is the first impression that will grant you a second date. So how much should be spent on the first date? There isn’t a wrong or right answer to this question, but here is my take.