Polyamory: Being in love with more than one person (By. G. Othello)

Of course we cannot highlight some of the positives without mentioning why it may not be a good idea, right?

  • This may not be a good idea if you’re the jealous type. Jealousy may be inevitable. It’s in human nature to feel some type of way every once a while.
  • Polyamory does not come without rules. A lot of these relationships come with some sort of terms and conditions. So it’s not as if you’re just wild and free. If you desire to be wild in free, just be single.
  • It may be awkward for your children to adjust and understand what is going on.
  • In a monogamous relationship it’s easy to become possessive and not want to share your lover. The same possessive mentality can occur in a polyamorous relationship. We have to keep in mind we are humans with feelings.

Polyamory may seem like an awesome free for all open relationship. But my research led me to believe that polyamory is nothing more than an open relationship with it’s own rules and complications. So I’ll stick with my one girlfriend and enjoy everything that comes with a monogamous lifestyle.

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