Public Trans Chronicles #4 (With G. Othello)

If you’ve taken public transportation you may have come across panhandlers. Panhandling is an act of begging, usually in a public place. I see this happening often on the CTA. My most recent encounter happened on the Metra. This is what happened…

I often take the Metra on the weekends. And usually there is one person asking for help to get to some destination from downtown. I’ve noticed that these destinations they ask for help getting to are always far from downtown and are usually one of the last stops on that route.

On this particular Friday, this gentleman boarded the train I was on and proceeded to ask for money to get to Elgin. His story went something like… his phone died, he lost his wallet and he was trying to visit his grandmother in Elgin. He just needed money to get to his grandmother who is picking him up. His plea seems innocent enough, right? Wrong. I’ve seen this guy before on a couple of my other trips. He has the same exact lines also! I wasn’t going to say anything. I’ll let him do his thing. This is just some of what happens when you take public transportation. % | % | % | % | % | % | %

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