Public Trans Chronicles #5

Public Transportation Chronicles
With Othello

With so much negativity in the world, witnessing an act of kindness is like a breath of fresh air. Whether the kind act is witnessing a “pay it forward” moment or even witnessing one individual assisting another individual in need. I was pleased to witness an act of kindness walking down to the CTA’s Redline Subway, here is what happened.

There was a young lady that was pushing a baby in a stroller that needed some help getting the baby down a flight of stairs. The elevators were down (a common occurrence) and she was standing at the top of the stairs asking this gentleman for help. It was nice to see the gentleman help her without hesitation. He picked up the stroller and carried the stroller with baby down the flight of stairs. The lady he helped was very grateful for the gentleman’s help. I could see that the gentleman who helped was pleased as well.
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