Public Trans Chronicles (By G. Othello)


One hot summer Chicago day I was on the train coming from work. Nothing new for me. The train was not overly crowded even though I had to stand. Standing is no big deal for me. At each stop the train made, more and more riders started to board the train. Then this happened, this guy just as big as me if not bigger decided to squeeze his big self on the already stuffed train and stand across from me right by the doors. I’m like.. Got damn man. Really? We both big as hell and you are going to get on too? It wasn’t until I realized our bellies were touching that I really got upset. So you have two big belly men standing across from each other touching bellies. It may have been ok with him. This is probably what he do. But this was not for me. That was too uncomfortable and weird for me. So I got off the next stop and waited and waited for the next least crowded train.

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