With 68% of Cook County voters voting to legalize marijuana I believe we can agree that legalized and taxed marijuana is something the majority wants. To channel my inner Prince Akeem I vote “Yes!” to recreational marijuana legalization. Here are a few reasons why:

Revenue from taxing marijuana sales could fund programs, schools, and services. I hope those additional tax funds would be used for those reasons and not only fattening the pockets of politicians.

The legalization of marijuana for medical use is spreading rapidly. Simply because research shows that marijuana has health benefits. I say you’re far better off enjoying a THC infused treat or a paper plane than popping that Xanax pill for your anxiety. The side effects alone for these prescription medications are absurd . By the way you will not have to worry about overdosing on marijuana, because that is unheard of.

States have either legalized marijuana for recreational use, medical and/or decriminalized marijuana.  So would you agree that the opinion of marijuana is changing?

Whether you vote yes because you are a user or because you’re an investor that does not pass up the opportunity to make some green,interest in marijuana stocks are increasing.

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