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Far too often our communities are plagued with some sort of violence. Whether it is gun violence, stabbings, or fist fights. There is a long list of ways acts of violence are carried out. Sometimes the violence in our communities stem from some sort of dispute. Continue reading “LET PEACE REIGN (By G. Othello)”

Black self hate in the late 2010s (Are you guilty?) By TonyBeenChi

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Black self hate in 2017

It’s crazy how a lot of us were trained to hate ourselves and don’t even realize it.

So let me give you a few examples on a few common mindsets that a lot of us have, that’s fueling the fire of self hate in 2017.

  1. If you are a black man who doesn’t date black women for whatever reason. This is a form of self hate. And vice versa for black women, who too says she doesn’t date black men for whatever reason.
  2. If you are a black person who refuses to conceive with someone who is either darker than your skin tone or about the same tone as you. For the sole reason of increasing the chance of having a baby with a light complexion. Then this is a form of self hate.

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