Public Trans Chronicles #4 (With G. Othello)

If you’ve taken public transportation you may have come across panhandlers. Panhandling is an act of begging, usually in a public place. I see this happening often on the CTA. My most recent encounter happened on the Metra. This is what happened… Continue reading “Public Trans Chronicles #4 (With G. Othello)”

Hair And Makeup (With Alovie)

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Trying out a new hairstyle. … and using Red lipstick the reason I put emphasis on Red lipstick (on the Video ) on a drk skinned girl is because when I was growing up girls who were my complexion were discouraged from wearing any light colored lipstick especially Red it was as if you broke the cardinal rule I laugh because we’ve come a long way although some people still think that way and that’s their perogative but as for me i will be rocking my red lipstick ijs.

Public Trans Chronicles #3 (By G. Othello)

Public Transportation Chronicles
With Othello


There is a real problem in Chicago with homelessness. Take a walk through some of Chicago’s streets you will see someone taking shelter under a bridge, near a storefront, abandoned building, at bus shelters and on CTA trains.

Our CTA trains are a common shelter for some of Chicago’s homeless. I find one of the most common train lines that the homeless find shelter is the Redline. If you are familiar with that train you may agree that it isn’t a pleasant sight. If you’ve taken a Redline train; I am sure that you have witnessed lack of seating, the unpleasant smells, unsanitary conditions and some of the unpleasant sights from some of the homeless who take shelter on the trains. Some of the homeless who are on the trains show signs of mental illness. I have witnessed some of the homeless talking to themselves or shouting at other riders. I’ve seen riders get frightened to the point where they would get off of the train to get on another car or wait for another train. I feel that this is unfair to the paying riders, it is unfair to the CTA employees who have to clean and remove the homeless from the trains and it isn’t fair to the homeless.