IzzyVision Music: TonyBeenChi x King Dougie ‘Quan’

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      Quan - TonyBeenChi X King Dougie


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That’s Funny, Right? (not really) By G.Othello

That’s Funny, Right?(not really) By G.Othello

There is an art that requires great skill. It is the art of the fake laugh. I believe everyone should perfect this. The fake laugh will save someone who isn’t funny some saltiness. And if you are good at the fake laugh they will never know.

Far too often people will tell a joke and at first it’s funny. It’s usually the follow up joke that isn’t. That’s what we call stretching a joke. It’s as if since they made you laugh they could just keep going with this joke and make you laugh more, but that isn’t always the case. Some people don’t know when to quit while they are ahead and made the whole joke stupid and unfunny. So then you’re sitting there having to fake laugh so they don’t feel bad.

(Artist Spotlight Ft Pusha T) From Re-Up Records to President of G.O.O.D Music (By G. Othello)

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From Re-Up Records
President of G.O.O.D Music
Appreciation Piece by Othello

“Been two years, like I was paddy wagon cruisin’
The streets was yours, you’re dunce cappin’ and kazooin’
I was just assumin’ you’d keep the coke movin’
But I got one question, fuck y’all been doin’?”
-Pusha T “Mr. Me too”

If you are a fan of hip hop you know who Pusha T is. I enjoyed his music when he was working with his brother No Malice (formerly named Malice). When he signed as a solo artist to G.O.O.D music, I was excited. Looking back on his stellar career from forming Re-Up records with his brother and becoming one of the most respected rap duos; to his successful career as a solo artist and becoming President of G.O.O.D music, we can say he has come a long way. Continue reading “(Artist Spotlight Ft Pusha T) From Re-Up Records to President of G.O.O.D Music (By G. Othello)”