IzzyVision Music: TonyBeenChi x King Dougie ‘Quan’

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      Quan - TonyBeenChi X King Dougie


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Being IzzyVision Entertainment’s first official single. TonyBeenChi and King Dougie represents Chicago, in their new upbeat, head nodding single “Quan”. With a music video in the works. Be on the lookout for the visual to “Quan” to be released in April, 2018. Subscribe using the form on page #2 to be updated on news about the video for Quan!





By G.Othello


With the recent legal woes of Kevin Gates and Kodak Black, it seems as if a lot of our black music artists can’t catch a break. I mean, yes they did break the law, but how do our young brothers continue to find themselves in these situations? These are two music artists that were just beginning to take off in the music industry. Whether you rock with their music or not, they are two talented individuals in their own way. It’s as if some of these artists can’t shake their past. A lot of black music artists come from backgrounds riddled with drugs, violence and gang activity. So that lifestyle tends to follow them, but not every artist falls back into that trap. If we listen to the stories of Jay Z, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar to share a few, they lived a certain lifestyle and when they got on in the music industry, they got on. They did not look back or fall back into the lifestyle that they lived before. So I can’t help but to wonder, how did Kevin Gates and Kodak Black fall into this trap? Why are these artists who have a hit song suddenly fall into this pit where they become a product of the judicial system? Maybe their past just comes back to haunt them? Is this one of the many examples of when keeping it real goes wrong? I get it, “stupid is as stupid does” and “do the crime, do the time”. But DAMN.