Video: People Get Stuck In Wet Tar on 47th In Chicago

The City of Chicago is dirty for laying down tar In the streets. Then leaving without putting up signs an cones to warn people. Checkout the video below.

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(Nas’s BM Was Bogus) The Real Reason Behind Nas’s And Jay Z’s Former Beef By TonyBeenChi

Recently Nas’s BM sat down with VLAD TV for an interview, when the conversation turned to the epic Nas and Jay z beef that happened in the early 00s. In my opinion she is bogus because she played both sides, and messed with two dudes that were affiliated. And pillow talked with Jay about Nas’s business. Then gave Nas the ammunition for his lethal “Either” track. NEVER under estimate the power of a woman.


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Suge Knight Finally Reveals Who really Killed 2Pac?! (By G. Othello)

By Othello

Who Killed Tupac? Did Suge Knight have something to do with it? Was it the F.B.I.? Was it Reggie Wright Jr.? These are just a few of the claims revolving around Tupac’s untimely death on September 13th 1996.
But it looks like there has been a break in the search for Tupac’s killer. It appears that Suge Knight who has been quiet on the issue knew who the killer was the whole time. Suge Knight claims that his ex-wife Sharitha and former Death Row Security Chief Reggie Wright Jr. was behind the murder of Tupac.