That Feeling Of Murder (By TonyBeenChi)

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Have you ever had a close family member or friend that has been murdered? Even if you haven’t I’m pretty sure the thought of it is terrifying enough. Imagine living everyday of your life with the nagging fear of having a close friend or family member taken away from you prematurely, by the hands of another human. Imagine being afraid of receiving that late night phone call or message, of someone telling you that someone you loved is no longer with us because they were murdered.

This is a daily reality for myself and countless of other people out there in the world. The natural death of a loved one is something That’s extremely hard to process, and you never really heal from the pain of losing a loved one. You just learn how to adapt and live with that unbelievable void in your heart. However the death of a loved one due to murder is a whole other monster. I had my 1st experience of this “oh too familiar” stomach sickening hard hitting effect of learning about the recent murder of a loved one.

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