That Feeling Of Murder (By TonyBeenChi)

I remember the summer of 2003 being a very violent one in Chicago. Listening out of the window hearing the sounds of gunshots and men literally running and screaming for their lives. This brought me into the reality of how easy it is to be killed. Murder is a sickening thing.

Murder is responsible for the void in so many countless people’s lives. That feeling of knowing that a loved one is supposed to be here continuing their lives, because there was so much life left to live before their time was cut short by the hands of someone else. You have parents out here forced to go through the unnatural process of burying their child, worlds torn apart because of the void that murder leaves behind.

Then you have situations when fathers and mothers are took away from their children and significant other’s. Leaving that significant other to live in the constant state of grief, while raising their child or children. Who reminds them so much of their deceased partner. The emotional and psychological toll that murder has on people is catastrophic. It isn’t something that you can “just get over” you will never “get over it” you can only learn to cope and take steps to continue living your life. But the pain will always be there.

IzzyVision Entertainment would like to send it’s condolences, to anyone out there going through any kind grieving from the past or present.

Written By, TonyBeenChi

Of IzzyVision Entertainment

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