That Feeling Of Murder (By TonyBeenChi)

July 1st, 2003. I was 14 years old. This is the day the world changed right before my eyes. This is the day when the world became a much more cruel place in my eyes. This is the day that my uncle was murdered at age 33. To clarify my uncle was a documented gang member who served time in prison during the early 90s I believe for selling drugs.

My uncle was a “street nigga” who lived two different lives. He was a monster in the streets and a caring family man who wouldn’t ever even raise his voice out of anger to any of us. One of the nicest people I had to this day ever met. But I saw flashes of his street life come out of a few different occasions on men who wasn’t apart of our family. % | % | % | % | % | % | % | % | % | % | %

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