The Vision (#free6lack) (By G. Othello)

So tell me this… Is there a formula to success? Is there a specific recipe that one must follow to achieve success in the music industry? Is there a recipe to be successful in general? Is it worth it to give up your beliefs, your morals and your creativity for this thing called success?

Let me end with 6lack’s opening words in “Alone/EA6”. “I know that but being around…in that atmosphere and seeing how people move, you know, seeing how, how they make records, you know, what kind of record they make…I’m just like…I don’t want this shit for myself and I don’t ever want niggas to try to pull me into that. ‘Cause I’ve been told a couple times like, “Hey, do this shit man, do that…” And I’m like man, I don’t want, I don’t that for me man.

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