What If Jay Z Never Returned To Rap After Retirement? (By TonyBeenChi)

By the time of “The Black Album” recordings, Jay z was already named as the “King of rap” because of all of the things he had accomplished in rap between 1996-2003. So he was well within his rights in the position to “leave out on top”. I don’t know maybe he felt that he had told his story and it was time to move on in life. But we soon found out that the “Jay Z story” was far from done being told.

We were now able to hear about his new life, the corporate life of Jay Z. During his time off from recording albums he worked as not only an entrepreneur, but also as the president of Def Jam. I say time off from recording albums because, he never actually, well not for a good amount of time stopped recording features. I can just imagine what it was like being the best rapper alive, while working as a president of a record label. % | % | % | % | % | % | %

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