What If Jay Z Never Returned To Rap After Retirement? (By TonyBeenChi)

And hearing all kinds of beats that instantly sparks your creativity, while fighting to remain “retired” from rapping. We all should have known that this “retirement” that he spoke of wasn’t going to last. So since Jay Z officially returned to recording albums, He has since released 5 albums. 4 solo albums and 1 collab album.
Which brings me to the topic of this article “ What if Jay Z never came out of rap retirement”.

The simple answer is hip hop would not be the same. Hip hop needed Jay z to return. Hip hop has never seen anything like Jay Z, the most successful longest tenured rapper who has spent many more years than any other rapper ever on top of the game.
And Hip Hop needed to see someone pull off what Jay Z has done. And the most major thing he has did as a hip hop artist since coming out out retirement, is successfully convert is music from the point of view of a successful street hustler, who defied all odds and made his mark on hip hop. To the point of view of a successful corporate business man who came from nothing, who then became the most successful rap artist. And now a very successful corporate executive.

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