What Is A Proper Smash Budget? By: G.Othello

But what if they say they said they want to go Goosefoot, but you are on a McDonald’s budget? You may need to ask if they are paying. Or you shouldn’t have asked where they would like to go. At the same time you would hope that your date wouldn’t suggest something expensive. If you know your budget is tight, you need to plan the best date you can on that budget. It is very possible. To be honest there is no right or wrong answer to this. You have to be real with yourself and your date. If you are arranging the date you need to stick to your budget. There is no need to go into debt trying to impress your date. I feel if you put enough thought into the date you’ll be good. If you’ve paid attention to the type of person that you are dating you’re even better off. Because if you’re trying to keep up with someone that is trying to live a Kardashian lifestyle and you can’t afford that; you’re the fool. Be real with yourself. Treat her to a place that you can afford. Maybe, if she is comfortable, offer to cook dinner at your or her place. % | % | % | % | % | % | % | % | %

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