(Artist Spotlight Ft Pusha T) From Re-Up Records to President of G.O.O.D Music (By G. Othello)

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From Re-Up Records
President of G.O.O.D Music
Appreciation Piece by Othello

“Been two years, like I was paddy wagon cruisin’
The streets was yours, you’re dunce cappin’ and kazooin’
I was just assumin’ you’d keep the coke movin’
But I got one question, fuck y’all been doin’?”
-Pusha T “Mr. Me too”

If you are a fan of hip hop you know who Pusha T is. I enjoyed his music when he was working with his brother No Malice (formerly named Malice). When he signed as a solo artist to G.O.O.D music, I was excited. Looking back on his stellar career from forming Re-Up records with his brother and becoming one of the most respected rap duos; to his successful career as a solo artist and becoming President of G.O.O.D music, we can say he has come a long way.

With the ever-changing hip-hop scene he is one of the few artists who maintained to stay relevant and continuously provide us with GOOD music. Even though he has yet to receive “Hip Hop Album of the Year”, I feel he continues to put out high quality bars and work that should give him consideration. Maybe he is just being overlooked or how is it put… “slept on”.
But it’s all G.O.O.D King Push. Keep making music.

Your fans are patiently waiting for the “King Push” album. When that album finally drops, I will be checking back in to hear everyone’s opinion.

“Half a year later, still ain’t heard an album greater
The natives want me out of the office, back on the pavement
Jokers at the top know the king is nothin’ to play with
9 to 5 money is just as sweet as the grave shift”
-Pusha T “H.G.T.V Freestyle”
Lyrics obtained from Genius.com

Written by, Othello

Of IzzyVision Entertainment

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