Black self hate in the late 2010s (Are you guilty?) By TonyBeenChi

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Black self hate in 2017

It’s crazy how a lot of us were trained to hate ourselves and don’t even realize it.

So let me give you a few examples on a few common mindsets that a lot of us have, that’s fueling the fire of self hate in 2017.

  1. If you are a black man who doesn’t date black women for whatever reason. This is a form of self hate. And vice versa for black women, who too says she doesn’t date black men for whatever reason.
  2. If you are a black person who refuses to conceive with someone who is either darker than your skin tone or about the same tone as you. For the sole reason of increasing the chance of having a baby with a light complexion. Then this is a form of self hate.

However self hate is far from a natural thought process. Self hate is something that’s instilled in a lot of us at very early ages. Self hate is ignorance that has been passed down from generation to generation. The most common forms of self hatred that are thought to us early in life, is disgust over hair texture and skin tone.

Saying things like “your hair is so nappy“ or “you so black” are common insults within our communities. Good hair” is considered a hair texture that’s closer to the texture of our European counterparts. And black children mainly black girls are often bullied by members of their families over having darker complexions or kinkier hair.

Using someone’s skin tone as a insult gives off the oppression that having darker skin is a bad thing. There is no way possible I can begin to count how many times I’ve heard this happen over my lifetime, someone using someone else’s skin complexion as a weapon during an argument or disagreement. It seems as if any feature on a black person’s body, that resembles our African heritage. Is seen as ugly and is often a focus point during an argument.

And if you are a black person who uses these features against someone in an attempt to “tear them down” then you are suffering from self hatred. It seems as if our own people have less tolerance for products or services that are owned or majority ran by other black people. They can have one bad experience with a business or encounter one rude representative and totally condemn the entire establishment. And claim the leading reason for this displeasure is because they are black and basically don’t know how to conduct business.

Some of us wouldn’t even respect a person of color that is in a professional position, to the same level as we would if it was someone of a different ethnicity. Could the reason be that we think our people are inferior to the knowledge and intelligence of someone from a different ethnicity? Particularly Caucasian? These are all forms of self hatred.

What gave me the idea of writing this post is recently, I was strolling down my Facebook time line and ran across a status. That “rocked my cap back”. The status started off literally saying “I swear I hate black people!” (And this was coming from a black man).

The post went on to explain his reasoning behind that bold statement, saying that the the “Church mothers” (assume he meant the older black women of the church). Were going out of their way to belittle and ruin the the dignity of the church guest, who came in early to enjoy a free breakfast before Sunday’s service. And that the only white member of this church who was there to help with breakfast, was the complete opposite. He said that she was serving everyone with smiles and was “so friendly” that it made you feel good.

And went on to call the other servers “fake ass black church mothers”. And that the “nigga” sure comes out of them when it comes to handing out things that’s not theirs. And went on to assume that they were social security checks recipients. After Reading this status the thought of black self hatred came to mind.

And how a lot of us believe that anything coming from a white person, is always better than if that thing had came from a black person. A lot of us naturally believe that white people are more well behaved, more polite and caring then black people. This is not by any means true at all. And believe it or not, the media and entertainment industry has a lot to do with this common misconception. For example look at this picture of random black female cartoon characters.

The crazy part is that this meme was not originally put together to point out how black women are portrayed as having bad attitudes. But after just putting together random pictures of different black female cartoon character’s. You can’t help but notice that all of them are giving off the impression of having a bad attitude. And if you happen to ask a black male who claims not to date black females, I guarantee that the excuse of black females having ‘bad attitudes” would be in their top 3 reasons.

Same thing about common misconceptions about black males, being thugs and absent fathers. Society would have you thinking that the majority of men who are not a part of their children(s) lives are black. When that is not the case at all. Just go sit in for a day of family court cases at your local court house. And you will definitely see this Is far from the truth.

The reason why a lot of us subconsciously express forms of self hate, is not because we don’t like ourselves or our own people. It’s because we’ve been trained into thinking this way since birth. Society coaches our brains into believing the absolute worst about our people. And when we encounter that one black man who “ain’t s***”, or that one black female with an attitude. In our minds this is like confirmation, of the of the way we were coached into thinking.

There are so many other forms and reasons of “black self hate in 2017” that I can create an ongoing series, on many different examples and explanations on the reasons behind it. But for the sake of this post I’m going to end this article right here.

Thank you for reading. And please express any thoughts or questions in the comments below, or feel free to reach me on any social media platform below. I will love to hear from you!

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Written by, TonyBeenChi 

of IzzyVision Entertainment

Twitter: @Tonybeenchi   IG@Tonybeenchi Facebook:@Tonybeenchi


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