*NSFW* Breaking Down The Booty (By TonyBeenChi)

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Breaking Down The Booty

With sundress season now in full swing. I think I may have to put a cone around my neck, to protect it from breaking while I’m out in public during this season. It’s just so much booty out and about to look at. Black booty, white booty, Latina booty, and all of the other nationalities of booty. Booty as far as the eye can see.

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Why is a nice ass so appealing? What exactly is a nice ass? Is a big one? Is it the shape? How much is too much ass? This is something that I asked myself time and time again. As well as asking my fellow booty loving friends, and still can’t come up with an exact answer. Other than “human nature”

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Today is the day when I break down my views on what I personally consider a nice ass.

But first I have to explain my brief history with this fascination with booty. It all started back when I was 11 (In 2000/2001) watching rap videos and like Mystical’s “Shake ya ass” and other things that I shouldn’t of been watching. Rap music is what really brought it to my attention to be honest. The images, the lyrics really played a part in learning about my sexuality as far as what I like most  physically about a woman.

So what’s so appealing to me about booty? I’m glad you asked because I’m about to break it down for you!

It’s not about how wide and rounded booty is to make it a nice one. It’s mainly about the shape. A woman can have I small, petite “Rump-a-roo” that has just the right amount of definition to it to make it to the “fledge list” just like a woman with a big ol fat booty can easily make the “never” list.

“Fledge” is a code word that was created at my old work place, that can mean a couple different things. But in this article it means “would smash” or “ would participate in sexual activity, with a said individual?” for my studious readers. And “Never” just simply means that you would never consider participating in sexual activity with a said individual”.

Shape is most important for me in determining who is “fledge” worthy and who isn’t. But it isn’t the only factor. It’s levels to this here homey. And an ass that’s well rounded and plump, beats out an ass that’s small and defined in my book of fledge.

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But that’s just my personal opinion.

Booty comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some woman have “surprise cheeks” when it doesn’t look like much being clothed. But if you’re lucky enough to see what’s underneath the clothing, it would definitely surprise you on how good it looks.

Skyee Lee

Minor tweaks due to muscle gain, fat gain or fat loss, can be a deal sealer or breaker too. The “cuff” and the booty to thigh ratio, when combined is a deadly combination. Some call this combination mother nature, others call it the gym. Because it’s definitely something you can’t buy from a surgeon.

now that I touched on the visual side of a nice booty, let’s talk about the feel.

What does a nice booty feel like? It varies. Some feel soft. And others feel firm. Softer booties tend to jiggle and bounce more while a lady is walking. Which makes a lot of us men damn near faint at such a heavenly sight.

Never underestimate “the power of the cheeks”. Wars was fought, countless marriages have been ruined over a nice pair of cheeks.

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