Celebrating Chance The Rapper (Artist Spotlight) By TonyBeenChi

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Recently over here at IzzyVision, fellow Chicago native Chance The Rapper has been grabbing our attention. Much like the way he has already captured the rest of the music world’s attention ever since 2013 and earlier.  I realize that we are hell of late at realizing the excellence of Chance, and i must admit that his wins at the 2017 Grammy awards is what made me take notice. But it is always better late than never right? Exactly! I’m here now so that’s all that matters. Anyway, let’s get back to the celebration.

Chance is a 23 year old black male who is from the West Chatham neighborhood, on Chicago’s South Side. Anybody that’s familiar with Chicago’s neighborhoods can tell you that West Chatham is not an easy place to rise out of. You can really fall into a lot of bad situations over there, and your road to success can be snatched from you in a split second. And to just be able to rise above growing up in that type of environment and come out as humble and caring as Chance is, Is worthy of a Celebration all on it’s own. But Chance deserves to be celebrated for much more than just that. Or even just his music for that matter.

Chance is much more than just a simple artist. Chance is a pioneer! He has opened doors for independent artist, by being the first unsigned music artist ever to play ‘Saturday Night Live’ twice at that! And now he has also become the first unsigned artist to ever win a Grammy, he actually  walked away with 3.  Do you know how important this is?

It means that the artist is taking more and more power away from major record labels. Which in turn means that the artist has much more creative control over the kind of music that they want to produce. And this means that artists have the ability to create pure relate-able music, and not be forced to cater to the latest lame industry trend. This is a major move for music lovers! And Chance is continuing this movement by turning down a recently reported $5-$10 million do llar advance a from major record label.

Many other unsigned artist would have jumped at a deal like that, but Chance knows his worth and the things not only the he has already done. But the many more things that he can do by himself in the future. Chance The Rapper has a very bright future ahead of him and we over here at IzzyVision are excited to be here to watch.

Chance is a man of the people! And is really turning himself into hero. He does a lot of good things in his home town of Chicago, IL. He recently had a sit down with the governor of Illinois, where he flat out tells the governor to “do your job!” referring to fixing the budget issue that Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is currently experiencing. Chance then donated 1 million dollars of his own money to (CPS) proving that he is a man of action.

So with this being said there are plenty of reasons to celebrate Chance The Rapper, other then just simply because of his music. Chance is much more then just music. Chance is a legend in the making!

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IzzyVision Entertainment

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