CHECK PLEASE! (So Who Is Going To Pay For This…?) By G.Othello

See that night we didn’t discuss in advance who will be picking up the tab. I was probably wrong for assuming that she would even offer. I usually assume the role of paying the tab anyway, but that night I was on a tight budget.

I could’ve just been real and rescheduled, but I didn’t. But the question still remains who should pay the tab on the first date? I’ve been in situations where we agreed to pay for our own. I’ve been in situations where one would pay for one event and the other would pay for the next.

That is what I call great team work. That is the best way handle paying for dates. I will end with this. Ladies, if you expect men to pay on the first date; at least offer to help pay and let us tell you no we got this.

There you go I think I just put an end to an age old debate….
Wait… how much should a typical first date cost?

Written by, G.Othello

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