Something changed about him. He spoke less…. And ain’t keep the same company that he used to. Idk…. he just moved differently, every time I saw him. He insisted that he was “good”.

Seems like after he lost his homie to that bs… We buried him right alone with him. His buddy was just 15 at the time, they said it had to be mistaken identity because he was a good… humble shorty… but he had just recently started selling packs. And word started to spread that mfs set him up. 12 said the same ole same ole that they’re looking into “leads” as usual.

I’m the one who had to tell lil bro the news, that his right hand mans since 3rd grade was gone. Do you know how hard that was on me?

Yeah he was hurt by the news, who wouldn’t be? We told him to focus on his books, sports.. and other humble acts, to keep his mind busy during the grieving period. Honestly we didn’t expect anything more of him.

He never was a temperamental or vengeful… But we ain’t know what was really going on in his life…. Listen to the link below to learn more. (Story starts at “0:35”)

If you would like to the visual to this story click here

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