Fatal 5 (Top 5 reasons for shootings in Chicago) By TonyBeenChi

History of Homicides In Chicago

Chicago has a deep history of gun violence and homicides dating back many decades, with it’s highest levels of murder being recorded throughout the 1990s. 1992 is recorded as being the year with the most murders reaching a total of 932 homicides. With firearms being the main weapon of choice. Gang territory, drug turf, and other factors are credited as key reasons as to why this major blood shed occurred, during the 90s.

But now in the 2010s it’s a whole other ball game. With the fall of organized gangbanging within the city limits, Witch stemmed from a stagerring decline of leadership within organizations. The same “code of the streets” doesn’t apply anymore. Unity among gangs representing the same nation or even individual gang     and doesn’t exist anymore.

Back in the 60s through the early 2000s gangs who represented the same nation had a mutual respect for each other. Most gangs in Chicago represented ‘Peoples Nation’ or ‘Folks Nation’. Similar to how many businesses have parent companies, most Chicago gangs parent organization were either ‘People Nation’ or ‘Folk Nation’. In today’s time this same mutual respect doesn’t exist. Gangs have been broken off into factions and people who used to be off limits at a point of time like women and children, are no longer seen in that way. ANYONE can become a target now.

#1 Gangbanging

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