How to CHEAT (The right way)

Infidelity is defined as; the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or sexual partner. The opinion on infidelity varies from person to person. Whether it being from a religious stand point or your own moral belief.

Admittedly I have dipped my toes in the lake of infidelity and while now I don’t personally agree with the act of cheating, needless to say… if you are going to do it; at least do it right. The consequences of being caught are not favorable, unless you’re someone that doesn’t give a damn. If you’re one that doesn’t give a damn, this article may be of no benefit for you. For those who do care, I would like to share some tips on how to do it right.

The following is for your reading enjoyment, entertainment and is meant to engage discussion.   

With technology and social media apart of our lives, it is no surprise that social media is one of the most common ways people get “caught up”. My personal opinion is this, if you plan on sharing your passwords with your significant other, DO NOT do your dirt on that account. You would think that is a no brainer, but I personally know a few fools people who are guilty of this. Keep your dirty social media account private. Don’t share that password. And if you suspect that your spouse will ask for your password(s) make sure you (in the words of that little boy on that Vine) “delete all that shit!”

This next tip kind of goes with the first tip and that is sharing of passwords or codes to your mobile device. This too may seem like a no brainer. Not many people own two phones… so if you’re doing dirt, let’s be smoother with it. Either don’t give your passcode (which we know that is an issue in itself) or as I stated before “delete all that shit!” Don’t be the idiot that likes to keep text messages and selfies from your side piece(s). If the downloaded photos in your gallery aren’t of famous men, famous women or your family, it probably should not be in your phone. Do we have an understanding so far? Let’s move on.

A couple keys to a healthy relationship are communicating and listening. What do you know; the same could apply in a cheating relationship. I advise you listen and learn where your spouse likes to hang out, where their friends hang out, and who their friends are. Make sure you go out on those outings with friends. Get aquatinted with their friends and remember how they look, because chances are you will run into them out and about. So with that said, don’t go to those places they like to hang out at. You should want to be different anyway. If you live in Chicago go, go hang out in Galena Illinois. Ok, I admit that is a bit extreme, but do but you get where I am coming from? Don’t go where the friends are known to kick it. For example don’t go taking your side piece to John Barleycorn in Wrigleyville if you know for a fact that your spouse’s friends kick it in Wrigleyville every weekend. Get a hotel room or if you insist on going out, let it at least be at night. Maybe the nighttime darkness will conceal some of your cheating ways.

Set clear boundaries with your sidepiece. Let them know what it is from the start, “this is us kicking it and nothing more.” Ok, we all know that there is a high chance that feelings will be caught in some fashion. So guess what? Your sidepiece should not know who your main thing is. Your sidepiece should not know who your family is. Your sidepiece should not know who all of your friends are. Your sidepiece may however know who your bestie is, because more than likely you and your bestie are doing dirt together and you tell your bestie everything. We need to eliminate the chance of your sidepiece catching feelings or being on some bullshit and wanting to wreck your home life. So by cutting off those avenues of communications you decrease your chances of getting caught. Oh yeah, keep your social media separate also. You shouldn’t be friends with your sidepiece on any social media platform.

Have you ever heard of the saying “don’t talk to strangers”? That saying is probably one that has been beaten into us as children. What does that have to do with cheating adults? Say you’re chilling and you get a text message saying, “hey sexy!” Do you reply “who is this?” Do you just ignore the message because it is from a strange number that you are unfamiliar with? Or are you the type of thirsty that will reply “hey sexc” and get into a full conversation with this unknown individual? Ok, it may be possible you forgot who you talked to one night and you didn’t save their number. Let’s say that did happen. First you shouldn’t start with saying “hey sexc”. You should first ask who it is and if the name doesn’t remotely ring a bell don’t even bother to reply. Just work under the assumption it is a setup. Why would someone go to those childish and extreme lengths to catch you up? Maybe because they know you’re the type of fool that would fall for it and likely you got caught up in the past. So in a nut shell I am saying; do not reply to those random text messages from strangers.

As you know life is about making choices. Some of our choices may be good. Some choices may be bad. One thing to understand is that not only do our choices impact us individually; it also affects the ones around us in ways unimaginable. Needless to say that infidelity is a bad choice. I work under the rule that if you feel you need to cheat, just leave. Save us both the heartache. Or we can just have an orgy. But all jokes aside think twice before you commit such an act. And if you are going to cheat, at least DO IT RIGHT!

Written By, Othello of Dope Crew Legacy