Laughing Out Loud (Not Really) By G.Othello

Laughing Out Loud

(not really)

By Othello

LOL is an acronym for “laughing out loud” or “laugh out loud”. This acronym has been around for many years. I remember this being around since the 2000s when I was in AOL chat rooms using “ASL” which is also an acronym. What is AOL? What is ASL? What is a chat room? I will answer those questions in another writing. Right now I have a few questions about the acronym “LOL”. How many of us who type “LOL” are really laughing out loud? When do you use “LOL”? What does “LOL” REALLY mean to you?

Let’s go back to when I remember “LOL” starting to be a “thing”. Chat rooms were popular for us and “LOL” was the way we showed that something that was said was humorous and made us laugh. OK, so let’s fast forward to when the acronyms “LMAO” (Laughing My Ass Off) and “LMFAO” (Laughing My F***ING Ass Off) were birthed.

Before I continue, let me give an honorable mention to “ROTFL” (Rolling on the floor laughing) which made it to the internet, but later became unpopular. [Insert praying hands here].

“LMAO” was used for when you were cracking up, like busting your gut laughing out loud, but when you type “LMFAO” you were really busting your gut laughing to the point you couldn’t breathe.

I want to know how many of us are really laughing aloud when “LOL” is typed? I can honestly say that when I “LOL” I am usually not laughing. I probably gave a little chuckle or a smile. If I typed “LMAO” I am laughing out loud. But if I put “LMFAO” I am cracking up. I often get replies to my texts with someone saying “LOL” and usually it’s to a text that wasn’t intended to be humorous. So I guess some people just put “LOL” to acknowledge that you sent them a message and didn’t want you to feel as if you were ignored. I honestly don’t take “LOL” replies serious even when I am saying something that is funny. I don’t  believe that you are really laughing until you say “LMAO” or “LMFAO”.

The crazy thing now is that when something is funny the new term is “DEAD”. So when something is really funny people are dying all of a sudden. LOL. This is becoming a bit much for me. Now “LOL”, “LMAO”, and “LMFAO” isn’t enough. Because if you aren’t dead from laughter… It wasn’t that funny. [Insert skull and crying laughing face here]

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Written by, Othello

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