Notice To One Word Texters (By G. Othello)

Notice to One Word Texters
By Othello

Have you ever had a text conversation with someone who hit you with one-word replies? How do you feel about it? I think it is safe to say it is annoying. Say you are asking someone how they are doing, and their reply is “good”, now that is not so bad because they answered your question. Ok, say you reply to them with something like… “I’m glad that you’re good, what you are up to right now?” and they reply by saying “nothing”.


I am going to be frank and say that is annoying AF and calls for AUTOMATIC DELETION. I do not feel like I am being rude or ridiculous either. I feel you are being rude for not asking how I am doing first off. Then have the nerve not to contribute to the conversation I am trying to spark. Now you are making me feel like you are not interested, and I should just move around.

Sometimes I give people the benefit of doubt and assume that I am the problem. Maybe I am not doing a good enough job engaging them in conversation. So, I would give it one more shot and tell them how my day was and a quick rundown about my day. I do all of this just to get a reply as such as “that’s cool”.
Yeah you guessed it. I terminated that conversation and moved on with my day. I felt as if they were not interested in texting so why bother.

Then I wonder… why even reply to a text if you do not feel like texting? Just ignore the message. You are better off doing that then giving some dry replies.
You may be wondering “What if they don’t like to text?” That may be true, and I have been in situations where the person does not like to text and prefer to talk over the phone.

I also have been in situations where the person could not keep a good conversation texting or over the phone. So I’ll just be sitting there like… WTF [Insert Stale Face] and then I politely ended the call, because the days of just sitting on the phone with dead silence was over for me in Jr. High.
I am sure everyone’s opinion differs when it comes to communicating. I just feel like when you are an adult, we should have much more to talk about whether we communicate through text or phone call.

There are so many things to discuss.
I think it is safe to say that if someone has stopped calling you and sending you texts it may be because you are either a one word texter or a dead ass over the phone. So, the ball is in your court to show that you can engage in conversation.

If you know someone who is guilty of this or if you are guilty of this yourself share your story with us!

Written by, Othello

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