Public Trans Chronicles #2 (By G. Othello)

Public Transportation Chronicles
With Othello

Crowded CTA trains during rush hour will forever be an issue. I do not foresee that changing anytime soon. I am not always smashed up with another rider, because I avoid that as much as possible. I often manage to score a seat and ride comfortably. Except for one day last week…Here is what happened.

I was sitting at the double seats facing the train doors. As usual at each stop the train picks up more riders. Now the train is crowded, but I have a seat! So, I am good. The comfortable ride came to an end when this male rider stood in front of me with his crotch in my face.

Ok, I cannot say that is a huge problem, because I do not have to stare at his crotch. I could just look down, but then he started to move around shaking his leg and picking at his pants. Some of you may wonder why his actions were a bit uncomfortable for me. It was uncomfortable because I knew exactly what he was doing.

And I am sure the guys can feel me on this one… He was doing, what I call the “ball loosening dance”. Sometimes when you are a guy your balls get stuck to your thigh. So, we have to do a little leg shake to get ‘em loose. It is a natural thing for some guys, but I felt he should not have done that in front of my face.

Maybe he thought it was ok, because “hey all guys do it and he will understand the struggle.” And yes, I do understand the struggle but got damn man… do not do it while my face is right in front of your crotch. Just wait till you get off the train or something.
It may seem like an overreaction, but I did not say anything to the gentleman. I just continued to mind my business and sent a text to my best friend about what was happening to me.

At the end of the day it is something to laugh at. And while it felt like he was trying to put on a show for me by doing his ball loosening dance, I did not feel violated. It is just something that happens when you take public transportation.
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Stay tuned every Monday evening for a new public transit story. Trust me… there is always something happening on the CTA.

Written by, Othello

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