Public Trans Chronicles #6 By: G. Othello

The featured image of this post is of seats on a Pace bus. Pretty nasty, right? I don’t know what happened with those seats, but those two seats weren’t the only ones that looked that way. Every seat on this Pace bus were dirty, leaving passengers to choose their preferred dirty seat. This isn’t an isolated incident of dirty seats either. Nearly every Pace bus I get on seats look like this. I’ve reached out to Pace regarding the issue and received an email from Pace Passenger Services stating they’ve forwarded my complaint to the appropriate department for investigation. Pace’s bus seats are still dirty. I do not expect any changes because of my complaint alone, but I feel either Pace isn’t doing enough to clean their seats or not enough riders are making this issue known. I know I am not the only one to feel this way, because several other riders looked at those seats and moved on to find a better-looking seat. I do not know what happened in those seats, but it looks nasty and the fact that all the other seats look similar makes me wonder if there were a bus full of riders doing the same thing. Either someone had an accident in their pants while sitting. Maybe someone was eating BBQ on the seat. Or someone took their muddy shoes off to let their feet breathe and sat their shoes on the seat next to them. Maybe all the above. Whatever it is Pace should step up their cleaning efforts. Have you encountered dirty seats on a Pace or CTA bus? Let us know in the comments.

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