Public Trans Chronicles #JasonHargrove

Covid-19, the virus sweeping the world, has affected many of our lives. From orders to stay home, businesses being shut down or limited, travel bans, families and friends not being able to physically connect, severe illnesses and death. What we’re experiencing is unprecedented. While we scramble for answers and understanding, one thing we all can do is help flatten the curve by staying home, practicing social distancing, and proper hygiene. As we all learn more about the virus and its effects, we can ensure that we are doing our part for the safety of our loved ones and those we encounter. In doing so, we may be able to avoid situations like Jason. 

Jason Hargrove was an essential worker, a bus driver for Detroit’s public transportation system. He aided the city’s effort to ensure public transportation remained uninterrupted during this pandemic. Unfortunately, Jason would succumb to Covid19. 

Jason posted a video expressing his displeasure for a rider on the bus he was operating not covering her cough. Covering a cough has been one of the safety measures drilled into our heads since the Covid19 outbreak. 

At the time of this post it is unknown how Jason contracted the virus, but we need to take this virus seriously. We must do our part in flattening the curve. We must do our part to protect our loved ones, neighbors, and essential workers from Covid19. 

We must remember that we are all in this together and the only way we can slow the spread and flatten the curve is to take heed of the directions from our medical professionals.  

To our essential workers, doctors, nurses, care givers, military, first responders, grocery store workers, gas station, convenience store workers, and public transportation workers:

Thank you.

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