Shallow in 2017 (Are You Guilty?) By: G.Othello

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Shallow in 2017
(Are You Guilty?)
By: G.Othello

Cursory, hasty, shallow, and empty-headed are just a few words associated with the term SUPERFICIAL. Needless to say, that these are terms that no one should want to be associated with. Think about it, being called “empty-headed” is not cool. Going around boasting about being “hasty” isn’t cool either. So why do we continue to subject ourselves to a superficial mindset? I really don’t know the answer to that question, but here is my observation.

I believe that everyone is self-conscious to an extent. I mean we all look in a mirror at some point in our day. We all wash and iron our clothes (hopefully). We all groom ourselves, brush our teeth (or soak them if you wear dentures) and shower (once again, hopefully). We all do those things because it is deemed necessary to an appropriate lifestyle.
But here is where being self-conscious takes a nasty turn and people become superficial. When you are being made into a villain because someone doesn’t like what you are wearing, the style of your hair, the fragrances that you use, shoes you wear, etc. When you feel that you need to spend the money you don’t have to keep up a lifestyle that you can’t afford. All of this is done because we are afraid of being judged by empty-minded people. And if you notice some of these shallow minded individuals do not have it all together themselves. So why do we still care about the opinions of hasty individuals? I believe we just want to be accepted and conforming to the ideas of an empty-minded society is easier than dealing with the constant insults spewed from some of these people.

It isn’t fair. It isn’t smart. I like to think that I personally will not let one individual dictate how to live my life. You have control over your life and your decisions and I feel that you should stand up to the BS and not allow it. Because you will always find yourself in misery right along with the shallow minded people you attempt to please.

To the superficial individuals, CHILL… They may not be able to afford the lifestyle that you can afford. It’s amazing how some people would get in to debt or sacrifice just for keeping up with the latest trends or eating at the fanciest restaurants just to fit in or keep up. Also, I think it’s important to note that even though some people may afford to do so, some people choose not to. Everyone has a choice to decide what important to them and fitting in may not matter. Don’t be so judgmental. You can’t live your life through other people. Don’t even attempt to do so. What someone else is doing should not concern you. Just live your life. Don’t meddle in other people life. If they are happy, let them be.

Before I go… if you have an issue with what someone’s lifestyle. Provide them with the resources to go ball out or keep up. If not, shut the f*** up.

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Written by, G. Othello

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