Suck It (By G. Othello)

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Have you ever used the phrase “suck my d!#k”? I guess that phrase is meant to be an insult to someone. It is another way of saying “F You!” I have a couple of issues with that phrase, but I will only speak on my main issue with it. My main issue is when females say it. I find it unattractive and dumb. I mean… y’all do not have one of those, so why say that? So, if men were walking around telling people to suck their p*$$y, how would that sound? Just let that sink in… Yeah that does not sound right, and I think men would be so frowned upon if we said that. Men would be called all types of homophobic names.
I had this conversation with my girlfriend a couple weeks ago. She thought it was funny the way I was walking around saying “suck my p*$$y”. She witnessed how foolish that sounded. I just do not get it. If someone could explain to me how that is ok that would be awesome. I find the whole thing hilarious. This really is not a pressing issue. This is something I would like opinions on. So please feel free to share your thought in the comments!
For the record I do not ever plan to go around saying suck my p*$$y. Heck I don’t even say the other one either.

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