That’s Funny, Right? (not really) By G.Othello

That’s Funny, Right?(not really) By G.Othello

There is an art that requires great skill. It is the art of the fake laugh. I believe everyone should perfect this. The fake laugh will save someone who isn’t funny some saltiness. And if you are good at the fake laugh they will never know.

Far too often people will tell a joke and at first it’s funny. It’s usually the follow up joke that isn’t. That’s what we call stretching a joke. It’s as if since they made you laugh they could just keep going with this joke and make you laugh more, but that isn’t always the case. Some people don’t know when to quit while they are ahead and made the whole joke stupid and unfunny. So then you’re sitting there having to fake laugh so they don’t feel bad.

I think the key to a fake laugh is to not oversell it. Don’t over act. Don’t bust up laughing so hard (ROTFL) because that would give it away unless you’re an actor or actress. I recommend a little chuckle and a smile. Even go as far as thinking of something funny to get the fake laugh to sell.

Practice the fake on your boss, unfunny friends, or siblings. If they laugh with you and do that little head bob that some people do, or even say “that’s funny right!?” that means that your fake laugh was a success and you’re on your way to fake laugh glory.

Enough practice will have you ready for those awkward moments in life. Everyone will have to fake laugh at some point.

One crucial tip before I end this…

I recommend changing the subject or walking away from the conversation immediately after a fake laugh. Why? Because fake laughing hurts after a while.

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Written by, Othello

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