The Vision (#free6lack) (By G. Othello)

The Formula or Your Values

-Is there a formula to success? –

-What are you willing to sacrifice? –

A Creative Piece by Othello

Well… I may be a little late speaking on this but, “Free 6lack” is a dope album put together by the Atlanta native artist 6lack (pronounced black). I admit I am late listening to this project, but I only discovered his work this morning as I was listening to the Mellow Bars playlist on Spotify. I feel compelled to do an album review, but I want to talk about this instead: Is there a formula to success? Is there a specific recipe that one must follow to achieve success in the music industry or to be successful in general?

6lack’s “Alone/EA6” track led me to ask those questions. The track opens with him speaking on the industry and how he is not going to settle or conform to anyone’s formula. When I heard him speak, I heard an artist that is fed up with the music industry and feel that the record labels hold you back rather than support you. I began to wonder… Well, the music industry is a for-profit business and the label heads must make money, right? So, should we as artists be surprised that the label heads do not have our best interests in mind? Maybe we should not be surprised.

There have been countless of artists speaking against the record label they are/were signed to from the late Prince and Michael Jackson to LL Cool Jay and Lupe Fiasco. There is a long list of feuds between the artist and their record label. Some artists win their disputes; shout out to the late Teena Marie and the “The Brockert Initiative” named after her. Some artists do not win against their label like Kesha. While Kesha’s battle did not end in her favor, let us not forget that most artists are at a disadvantage. But there is a silver lining.

Not every artist goes the conventional route… shot out to Chicago Native Chance the Rapper. He has proven success can be achieved by going against the grain, not conforming, and being true to yourself and your beliefs.

So, tell me this… Is there a formula to success? Is there a specific recipe that one must follow to achieve success in the music industry? Is there a recipe to be successful in general? Is it worth it to give up your beliefs, your morals and your creativity for this thing called success?

Let me end with 6lack’s opening words in “Alone/EA6”. “I know that but being around…in that atmosphere and seeing how people move, you know, seeing how, how they make records, you know, what kind of record they make…I’m just like…I don’t want this shit for myself and I don’t ever want niggas to try to pull me into that. ’cause I’ve been told a couple times like, “Hey, do this shit man, do that…” And I am like “man, I don’t want, I don’t that for me man.

And if I keep tellin’ y’all I don’t want that shit for me and y’all keep, you know, tryna nudge and push…I understand y’all got your vision and y’all got your formula but that shit don’t work for me man. I’m not gonna conform, I’m not settling for that shit. ’cause if I do it once and it pop, I’ma have to keep doing that shit over and over again. You can’t build no fanbase like that. You…you become, you become, you become a fuckin’ song instead of a person. That shit…I’m not…I’m not tryna be that man.”

IzzyVision Entertainment would like to send a shout out to 6lack for making a great album. We wish you continued success. And to our fellow artists out there…


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Written By, Othello

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