What’s Your Body Count? (By: G.Othello)

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What’s Your Body Count?

By: G.Othello


Does body count matter to you? Some of you may be wondering what I mean by “body count”. Body count is the number of sexual partners that you’ve had. So I will ask again, does body count matter to you?


I believe a woman’s body count does matter to men. After all men do have this formula that when a woman tells her body count that we have to multiply by three. As bogus as it sounds, I find it funny and ridiculous. Multiplying by three comes from the assumption that women aren’t honest about their sexual encounters. And they aren’t honest for understandable reasons. When you have terms like “thot” and “hoe” for women who like be sexually free, I can’t really blame them for shaving off a sexual partner or three.

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For us guys it’s a bragging right. It is like being Jordan with six rings when you have a high body count. It is like you are a true man when you are able to get with a lot of women. I can guarantee in men’s circle we aren’t downing each other when comparing how many women we have slept with, in fact if your body count is low, you may get talked about. And after you get talked about, your guys would be glad to assist you with increasing your body count. I am not sure how it goes in women’s circle. I have witnessed women call other women a hoe or thot when they sleep around. I asked a couple of my male friends do a woman’s body count matter to them. One of them said that it does, but at the same time we have to understand that this is the real world and people get “smashed” in the real world. Another one said that it really doesn’t matter, as long as he doesn’t know the dudes. I personally feel both of their point of views especially the part about knowing the dudes. I hate to say it, but if I know that you got down with any of my guys or anyone I knew in the neighborhood, I can’t go. It’s harsh, but real. I personally rather not know your count. Me knowing your count may change my opinion of you. I feel that some guys will agree with me. I learned years ago about asking questions. I asked a question and I did not like the answer and since then, I realized maybe its best not to let curiosity get the best of me and just keep some things in the unknown.


There are some people who would rather be with someone who are experienced in bed. So they would not be with someone who was never sexually active. They are basically saying “You must have had at least one sexual partner to ride this ride”. So how many previous sexual partners are too many? Is there such thing as too many?


Maybe we should just get over ourselves and be mature about this whole number of sexual partner thing. Does it really matter? Does that really keep you from falling in love? I have witnessed a guy fall in love with a woman that he knew slept around and she also slept around with people he knew, but that did not stop him from loving her. Women still stay with their men even learning of their body count. Women even stay with their men even after them getting caught up cheating numerous of times. So why do some of us even care about the body count of a potential partner? If they are being safe does it matter? How many is too many? Does body count matter to you? Let us know what you think.


Oh before I go. If your head count is more than your body count… FORGET ABOUT IT!

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Written by, G. Othello

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